The Luxury Behike

The picture and design of this ship was made by an architect from Bali, namely Jeghier Architect whose work is worldwide and admired by many people from home and abroad. Jeghier Architect is very secure and knows the ins and outs of the ship since 2006. In the process, the builders or shipbuilders are from the highly skilled and well-known Bugis tribe from the Sulawesi region, Indonesia. With the touch of hands and traditional boat building techniques, this process is not spared.

The process of making a ship is quite fast, it only takes about 9 months with a total of 35 workers. Behike Phinisi is the work of the nation's children made of 100% Ulin wood which is a type of hardwood wood and has a color hue that is different from other woods and in terms of price, ironwood is one of the very expensive woods. At present it is very difficult to find this type of wood.

Behike Phinisi was built in great detail without reducing the value of legendary art in Indonesia so that the shape and ornament that exists is always inseparable from historical value. And in the course of this ship is used to meet the desires of fans who like to travel or travel using wooden ships one of which is the famous singer Alicia Keys and world-renowned DJ Martin Garix as well as several artists or world stars who cannot be mentioned one by one.

Behike Phinisi is a type of ship with 2 (two) masts with

  • Length : 37 meters
  • Width : 7.5 meters
  • Nos of Stories : 3 floors
  • Maximum speed : 6 knots