Komodo Island

Price per person

USD 5500

Tour Description :

Price : $ 5.500/night (minimum charter 7 nights)
Pax : 8 pax (4 couples)
Distance : 272 mil
Note : Cruising to Labuan Bajo islands from Mertasari  jetty around 4 days 3 night

About Labuan Bajo
Once a small fishing village, the capital of the regency MangarraI Barat, the western most region of Flores, Labuan Bajo (also spelled Labuhanbajo and Labuanbajo) in Flores is now a busy bustling epicenter of tourism. But don't let that fool you, this small, dusty town does not have much to offer within the city limits itself. It is, however, the launching point for impressive trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island, home of the famous Komodo dragons.

Besides spotting the Varanus komodensis, the main attraction in this area is the extraordinary marine life. Komodo archipelago is indeed a paradise for both divers and snorkellers. Several islands within a hour by boat from Labuan Bajo offer great diving and snorkeling opportunities: Bidadari Island, Seraya Island, Sabolo Island to the North of Labuan Bajo, and Kanawa and Sebayur island to the West. Southward, on the route to Rinca there is Kalong Island house of a colony of “flying foxes”, huge bats that can be seen flying away in thousands at dusk.

What to do in Labuan Bajo

  • Get To Know Labuan's Gigantic Icons
    Easily the most famous attraction in the Labuan Bajo region, the Komodo National Park has been set aside as a biodiversity reserve, and a residence for the Komodo Dragon: the world's largest lizard. Guided tours of the islands that form the park are essential, but thankfully very easy to arrange in downtown Labuan, and you'll almost always stand a good chance of seeing these remarkable creatures up close and personal. After that, snorkeling and swimming round off a pretty amazing excursion experience.
  • Crater Lakes And Scenic Cascades
    One of the most beautiful spots on the island of Flores, Cunca Rami is around 20 miles inland from Labuan Bajo. It's a deeply appealing place, with cascades flowing into swimmable pools, all set in the middle of avocado and banana groves, where you've got a great chance to engage the locals in conversation. It's also not far from another natural wonder - the 500 meter deep Sano Nggoang crater lake. Both are easily accessible by foot, but expert guides are recommended, and can be hired with ease in Labuan Bajo.
  • Get A Taste For Traditional Flores Culture
    The opportunity to get to know the lifeways of indigenous Flores islanders is one of the great attractions of Labuan Bajo, and nowhere offers a better window onto their lives than Wae Rebo. This small traditional village on the south side of Flores is a 50 mile drive from the resort, but it's worth it to see the beautiful five-tiered conical Mbaru Niang houses, and to breathe the cool mountain air. It's very much a living agricultural community, and not rich, but you can still expect a warm welcome, and even some traditional Flores dishes.
  • A Breathtaking Bat Bonanza
    One of the gems of the Komodo National Park, Kalong Island is another biodiversity attraction of world importance. This time, it's nothing to do with Komodo Dragons. Instead, flying fox bats take to the stage, making their nests in the dense mangrove thickets which fringe the island's coast. If you're there as the sun starts to dip beneath the horizon, expect a stunning (and noisy) show in the skies as the bats flit from Kalong to nearby Rinca Island. It's an unforgettable tropical experience.
  • Catch Some Gorgeous Coral-Colored Coastline
    For a total change of scene, and the ultimate in relaxation, head to Pantai Merah for some serious beach action. Literally translated as "pink beach", Pantai Merah gets its name from the millions of foramanifera corals which make the bay their home and lend the waters and sands a distinctly pink tinge. Situated on the far side of Komodo Island, make sure the beach is part of your boat excursion, as it's simply one of the loveliest beaches you'll ever see.

Inclusion :

– Cruise Director – Professional Chef – Bartender – Meal (2x BF, Lunch, Dinner) – Drinks (Juice, Mineral Water, Soft Drink) – Tropical Fruits – Snack – Water sports (Kano, Stand Paddle, Snorkeling) – City Sightseeing at Nusa Lembongan (we will provide for the transport) – Sound System (Bose L1) – Fuel – Staff (1 Captain, 1 Ass Captain, 2 Engineers, 3 Crew)

Exclusion :

– Diving – Diving Equipment – Diving Instructor – Alcohol – Gratuity – Transport or Pick up Service from hotel – Insurance

Corkage :

$35/bottle (order on ship)